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Bravo Fly Reel
The Echo Bravo fly reel offers anglers a wallet-friendly saltwater reel with a high-quality drag system to make saltwater fishing more accessible. So if you’re headed out to Cape Cod for a family vacation and you want to test the waters, bring the Bravo reel with you to play big fish, and withstand the gritty bay environment. The new Pit Stop drag system features a maintenance-free carbon fiber disc and is fully sealed to keep corrosive saltwater out. This makes for a seamless day on the water, with less salt and sand able to agitate your system you can conveniently swap out a spool while thigh-deep in the surf. Fish worry-free, when your reel takes a dip as you untangle your line, the well-vented frame easily sheds any excess salt and sand to deter casting disruption. Whether you are fighting blues or chasing monster bass, the reel’s premium roller clutch bearing system will grant smooth and instantly-engaging drag. The systems reliable friction and wide range will easily handle runs by larger 40lb plus bass or jumping blues, for a successful day on the water.

With a well-thought-out design that’s easy for a saltwater novice to master, the Bravo will be your new favorite fish finder. A tool-free disassembly offers easy maintenance and cleaning after a day in the salty bay, while the included case helps you rest-easy knowing your reel is protected on your travels. Echo also included a simple hand tool that doubles as a bottle opener for days when you need to access the sealed drag system or simply enjoy a cold beverage on the beach.

An affordable saltwater reel with a reliable, big-game drag system
Sealed drag system ensures saltwater-free spool swaps on the beach
Roller-clutch bearing system provides smooth, instantaneous drag
Carbon fiber disc drag provides maintenance-free convenience
Wide drag range and a strong system can handle large fish
Large arbor accommodates longer lines and quicker pickup
Vented frame design helps shed agitating sand and grit
Tool-free disassembly offers easy on-the-go maintenance

Echo Bravo Fly Reel 7/9

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